After five years of intense work, and partnership all the way through from concept to execution, Fast Music is proud to open the gates to the Clore Science Garden at the Weizmann Institute, a unique interactive outdoor science museum.

In order to create the garden, which was built from scratch, a rare event in Israel, Fast Music was recruited by the Davidson Institute for Science Education. The project, the likes of which has not yet been seen in the world, combines science, art and nature, and allows everyone from toddlers to adults hours of fun, independent exploration, and learning. 

Next to the garden resides a state of the arts laboratories building that works holistically with the activities in the garden. A new exhibition hall will also be added in the future.

“We wanted this unique science museum to be as fun as Disneyland, as beautiful as MOMA and as thought-provoking as the research at the Weizmann Institute. Each of the eight complexes in the garden offers a look at nature through a different point of view. Games of movement, light, code, life, earth, plants  mind and water. The garden is operated entirely by the visitors, it is full of music, surprises and experiences, and will continue to develop over the years." 

Amir Schorr, CEO of Fast Music, curator and creator of the Clore Garden of Science.

In the garden we have:

  • 8 complexes 5 large scale installations 
  • An aquarium and biological pool
  • Over 180 original exhibits, all interactive 
  • An amphitheater  
  • A gigantic projection dome
  • Programming installations 
  • A digital layer of touch screens with replaceable and flexible content

The garden was built under the leadership of Dr. Liat Ben David, head of the Davidson Institute.
and by Amir Schorr (Fast Music) - a curator and creator in the field of science museums, who also managed the project.
The complexes and exhibits were planned, designed and built by Fast Music.
Dozens of people from the Davidson Institute and scientists from the Weizmann Institute took part in the think tank regarding the scientific aspects of the garden.


The Fast Music team:

Amir Schorr - curation, project management, creation of exhibits
Elad Cohen - architect of exhibits and garden buildings, design and supervision
Jeka Vinograd - architect of exhibits and design in the garden, design of the human body sculpture and other exhibits
Itai Gal - interactive programming, multimedia systems and video design
Yoav Rosenthal - project management and production, sound design
Tom Swissa - graphic design, branding
Lior Ben Guy - programming and interactive design, video content
Ido Kagan - creative development, music, photography, video
Noga Zajfman - exhibition development, design
Michael Krauss - development and construction of exhibits
Netalie Gvirtz - content writing and editing
Dror Levy - creative development


Construction project management - the construction department of the Weizmann Institute.
Construction Project Manager 2019-2022: Yigal Peretz
Construction Project Manager 2022-2024: Uri Aharon - BPM
Building architects: David Knafo and Yonatan Meiri - Knafo Kalimor
Interior architect - Ron Greenberg - Greenberg Architects
Landscape Architecture: Omer Gold Stein and Mika Kathriel - Tzur Wolf Landscape Architects
Safety and construction consultant for complexes - Rami Shemesh - Rashgad